Approaches to place

These listed artists' themes have been gleaned from text such as Jeff Malpas's The Intelligence of Place, Yi-Fu Tuan's Place and Space and David Seamon's Life takes Place.


Inner thoughts

No prior memories


The loss of place

Place built up over time

The persistence of history

Edges of place- recognition vs. familiarity

Sentience of place


Sensorial inputs from the outside world

The singular aspects of place

The atmospheres role in place

Material culture

Cosmology of place

The mundane

Imaginative geographies of place

Media's treatment of place


Melded imaginative and analytical approaches to place

Universalities of place

connections unseen

Architectural spaces

People's influence on place

The open, ever moving and ongoing nature of place


The shaping of identity

Creative expansion

Concentrating pressures

A sense of order that may pervade

Freedoms inherent in that place


Further characteristics of place to consider

Impasses and blind spots

Responsibility within dwellers

Viewing positions

Place not fixed or concrete 

No privileged centre

Resisting history

The whole and the parts; no hierarchy